We are proud to be the first 100% electric van dog walkers in the Scottish Borders. Our van is fitted with bespoke cages providing comfort and safety to your dog whilst in our care. The van and the cages are vet approved and Scottish SPCA approved.

Therefore we have the possibility to offer a flexible pick-up and delivery service for your pets. Of course, the pick-up & drop-off of your dogs is inclusive. 


The van is also fitted with a wind driven ventilation system that works by continuously extracting air when the van is moving also when the van is stationary subjected to a light breeze, it is significantly more affective than just opening a window, it is also designed to remove excess heat in warmer weather drawing in fresh, cooler air from outside the vehicle as well as removing moisture, odours and bacteria that may have build up-all year round and with no extra running cost. We feel that dogs are more relax as there is no engine noise or vibrations giving a smoother ride for all.


At TOP DOGS we can give you the all-round carefree package for you and your pet. We create an optimal plan according to your wishes and needs.
​​ TOP DOGS offer a in-home and out-home pet care, includes leash walks, off leash walks and pet taxis. Also we providing owner with updates on the pets, answer any questions or concerns adapting to owners needs and schedules as necessary.​​  

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