In September 2012 we decided to look for another small dog for a furry friend for Sheeba. We came across a wee long haired Chihuahua so we named him Junior. He turned out to be a funny cheeky little chap. He likes to go on walks also loves his cuddles when relaxing watching tv. Junior is so friendly and loving. He is the top dog of the pack.


In November 2012 somebody told us about a female Chihuahua puppy that was arriving in Britain from Czechoslovakia, in not good shape, so we had to go see it for ourselves. When we met her she was all by herself without her mum or dad, so we decided to take her home and bring her into our family. It took some time for her to settle as she was very nervous, but she turn out to be a fantastic loyal fun loving little girl. Since she has had Skye she has turned out to a proper little mummy to the pack.


In February 2015 (11 months after Sheeba passed away) we knew it was time to have a Dachshund back in our family. We went to see some Dachshund puppies and we fell in love with one. After two weeks we went to pick up our wee bundle of joy and named him Milez. He has a very lively personality and loves to play with all kinds of dogs, but also likes to spend some time on his own. Milez is the most softest kind dog that you would ever meet.

The pack look forward to meeting you and your dog!


After two years together Cocoa and Junior got three beautiful puppies. We decided to keep one and called her Skye. She has grown into a fine wee Lady. She is very like her mum and dad. Skye has loads of energy and likes lots and lots of attention. She has the biggest personality of the pack.


The first dog we want to name is Sheeba. Although he is no longer with us, he will always be an important part of us. After he sadly passed away in early 2014, we decided to work with dogs on a professional basis to spend more time with these loving animals.
It was 2008 when we where horse riding we came across this small cute puppy Dachshund. Within a week we took him home and named him Sheeba. He turn out to be a fun, loving, very active dog. He loved a lot of human attention and was a very loyal companion. Sheeba was the heart and soul of the family and we miss him every day. He will always be in our hearts forever. 


Our pack consists of four amiable, well behaved dogs. With all of them, we associate a special story that we would like to share with you. Each of them has a unique character and occupies a special place in the team - no one we would ever want to miss. Our dogs make us happy every day and give us endless love. They are the heart of TOP DOGS.

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